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Dryhead Agate

Dryhead Agate is found in southern Montana between the Big Horn and Pryor Mountain ranges and just to the west of the Big Horn River.  We believe that the Dryhead Agate is one of the best materials available from the United States.  The quality of the agates varied widely, with many of the nodules filled with calcite and very little quality agate.  Good nodules, however, offer the basic red and orange colors, with gold, white, yellow and pink.

The deposit was originally explored in the 1950ís, as access to the area began to improve.  Float material was traced back to the original source, which led to initiation of mining activity.  Mining was available to the public for a few years as a fee area, but that option was closed in the early 1980ís.  Mining continued under several groups until the late 1990ís, when the agreement with the landowner ended.  Contrary to many published reports, the primary mining area has not been turned into a Wild Horse Range.  Past claim owners contend that the cost of mining in the remote location exceeds the value of the production.  It would be great if someone would renegotiate a contract to resume mining, as Dryhead Agates produce outstanding specimen nodules and cut cabochons.

Most of the Dryhead Agates we offer were collected during the early 1980ís when the fee area was active.







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